Friday, March 14, 2008

Cost of Living Increase and Rise in Countable Income for Aged, Disabled & Federal Poverty Level Medi-Cal

The Cost of Living increases for SSDI have begun to take affect and for some people, although very few, they are having an impact on their Medi-Cal status. It was reported to me this morning that because of a $30 cost of living increase, a client now has an approximately $500 Share of Cost before he can receive full-scope Medi-Cal.

Sometimes there are ways to reduce countable income so that eligiblity Aged, Disabled & FPL is again possible. One way to do this is to purchase a supplemental dental or vision insurance policy. There are many of these available with a variety of different coverages and premium amounts.

As of April 1, the A, D & FPL limit is going up to $1,097 per month. Try and find a supplemental insurance product that will reduce the client's monthly countable income to below that amount. Make sure that the premium is paid on a monthly basis, not quarterly or annually.
Also make sure that the Medi-Cal eligibility worker is aware of this and that the Medi-Cal category is changed in a timely manner.
Ask the eligibility worker about retroactive payments for any out of pocket expenses that have been incurred while the Share of Cost was in effect.

One insurance broker who has been very reliable and responsible has been Adam Lowey of Health Resource Center.

Click here for access to their web site:

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