Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Question About the Medi-Cal Working Disabled Program

A Case Manager sent me the following e-mail:

Last week I told you about this clt who had a high share of cost, he's medi-medi. He may have found a job transporting someone from their work and then back home on a weekly basis for about $10-15 a week.
1. How long would he have to engage in this before being able to report it to his medical eligibility worker to bring down his share of cost?
2. What type of information do they usually ask for about the job, i.e. name and address of "employer," etc.?

Here's the deal:
He should call his eligibility worker with DPSS and explain to him/her that he is earning income and would like to be enrolled in the Medi-Cal Working Disabled Program.
His EW worker should then request what is needed which will probably consist of
SSA disability award letter
Copies of checks or check stubs
2 two 3 months worth of bank statements.
If the EW doesn't know about the program or says something like his Social Security Income is to high, let me know. They can sometimes be wrong.
In fact, let me know what happens one way or another.

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