Monday, June 8, 2009

Access for Infants and Mothers

This was published on June 1, 2009... It is some good news in an otherwise bleak economic climate... particularly where social services and access to healthcare are concerned...

The Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM) program is pleased to announce that as of February 2009, the six (6) month California residency is no longer required for pregnant women to qualify for low-cost health care coverage. AIM is for middleincome families who don’t have health insurance and whose income is too high for no-cost Medi-Cal. AIM is also available to those who have a health insurance deductible or co-payment of $500 or more for maternity services.

If you are enrolled in AIM, your baby is eligible to enroll in Healthy Families, unless already enrolled in employer insurance, private insurance or eligible for no-cost Medi-Cal. The four key requirements to determine eligibility for the AIM program are as follows:

1. No more than 30 weeks pregnant.

2. California residency.

3. Must not be enrolled in other healthcare programs such as no-cost Medi-Cal
or private insurance, unless their coverage does not cover pregnancyrelated
services or they have a maternity deductible of over $500.

4. Must meet AIM income requirements.

AIM Covers Mental Health Services for Women

  • No visit limits for diagnosis and treatment of severe mental illness and serious emotional disturbance.
  • Outpatient and inpatient services.
  • Certain appropriate substitutions of residential treatment, day care or outpatient treatment may be substituted for inpatient hospitalization.
  • Some health plans may choose to provide additional visits or group therapy options.
  • Maximum of 30 days inpatient and 20 days outpatient per benefit year for basic mental health care services.

For more information please visit the AIM website at

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