Friday, November 13, 2009

Asset Building and IDAs... Revolutionary in Concept and Practical Application

Just a quick entry here about Asset Building and Individual Development Accounts.
Asset Building is a way by which a disabled person, living on an extraordinarly low income, can achieve what has, in the past, been perceived as impossible: Home Ownership (even in this economy) post-graduate education, business start-up, etc.
I know, I know... sounds impossible. It isn't ipossible. Gotta know about this stuff, though, to properly utilize it.

Tom Foley, currently acting director of World Institute on Disability in Oakland, California, is a nationally renowned expert on the subjects of Asset Building and Individual Development Accounts. He was partof a panel discussion webinar that took place last Wednesday, November 11, 2009 during which he explained, with the use of a very well designed and comprehsive PowerPoint Presentation, how to grow, from a relatively insignficant amount of money, the comfort and security that comes with homeownership, an advanced education, and the security and comfort results.

Go to for more information regarding this startling approach to a lifetime of financial well-being even when receiving a Supplemental Security Inocme Benefit.

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