Friday, June 29, 2012

Ever Wonder How Much You Can Earn and Keep Your SSDI?

Q: How much can I earn and Keep my SSDI
If you are receiving an SSDI benefit and you go to work, you won’t “lose” anything. You will replace your benefit with earned income.  
An SSDI recipient  can earn up to $720 a month and his/her  SSDI benefit will not be affected. 
Trial Work Period
But that isn't any reason not to earn more than $720 if you have the opportunity to do so. Earned Income over $720 triggers the TRIAL WORK PERIOD. During the TWP you have nine months of full benefit regardless of your earnings. Bill Gates could receive his full benefit if he were receiving SSDI for those nine months if he were on SSDI. 
The Extended Period of Eligibility
After the Trial Work Period ends, The Extended Period of Eligibility begins. The EPE is an additional 36 months of eligibility. During the EPE you will receive your full benefit for any month you earn less than SGA (Substantial Gainful Activity); $1,010 per month or more.
Request Your Benefits Planning Query

Your Benefits Planning Query (BPQY) will provide you with your Social Security Disability Working Status. It is your most valuable tool when planning a transition into the workplace.

Get more information from the Redbook

I've can only give you a bit of information here but if you go to an SSA Field office and request a Redbook, It has all the Social Security's Work Incentives information for both SSI and SSDI. It is a valuable tool for any provider who assists consumers when navigating the Social Security Disability system.

Contact your local Area Work Incentive Coordinators 

AWICs are employed by the Social Security Administration. They are experienced support experts who:
Coordinate and/or conduct public outreach on work incentive,  Provide and/or coordinate and oversee training on SSA’s employment support programs for all personnel at local Social  Security offices, handle sensitive or high profile disability employment cases, if necessary; and, monitor the disability work issue workloads in their respective areas 

Use's Benefits to Work Calculator to see how earned income will affect the individual’s benefits up to five years in the future.

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