Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SSA TIcket To Work Scheduled Hiring Event

I just received this from Joy Tsuhako, one of Los Angeles' two Area Work Incentive Coordinators. Sounds like it is going to be a great event.

Good afternoon,

What:    Schedule A Hiring Event
When:    Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Time:    TBD
Place:  Address to be confirmed (West Los Angeles location)

The Social Security Administration (Tri Counties Area Director’s Office) is hosting a Ticket-Holder (Schedule A) hiring event.  We previously held one in May 2009 and February 2010.  Many of you referred over excellent candidates and over one dozen Ticket-Holders were eventually hired. 

We are once again asking for your assistance.  Please refer directly to me any of your top-notch candidates.  The job applicant must be a Ticket-Holder.  This means that the client’s Ticket To Work must be assigned to either a Department of Rehabilitation or an Employment Network.  Please send over a social security number so I may confirm ticket assignment. 

You probably all have the same question:  Do we have jobs available?  Currently, we do.  And, there is an expectation of future job openings. Our goal is to have a pool of Ticket-Holder candidates available to place at a moment’s notice.    

We will follow the same format as the February 2010 event.  There will be a presentation on the different positions available in our field offices, promotional opportunities, benefits, and supports available for people with disabilities.  This will be followed by individual interviews with an interview panel consisting of hiring managers.   The resumes will then be disseminated to all Los Angeles county offices.  (At the last event, several Ticket-Holders were hired directly after the interview.)

Attached, please find a description of the two positions available in our local field offices.  Please read through this carefully and only submit a resume for someone you feel will be suited for the position.  In order to ensure this process runs smoothly, please note the following:

·         Please act as the intermediary.  Do not give the client my name or contact information.
·         Refer clients who YOU would want to hire.
·         When sending a resume, please include in the subject line,  "Ticket Orientation:  John Smith's Resume."
·         Resumes
·        Resumes should have no typographical errors. 
·        School and bilingual information should be included at the beginning of the resume.
·        If your client is interested in a career in art, don't include that as a goal on the resume.  Gear the resume towards the type of position SSA is offering (job descriptions are attached).
·         Hiring Event
·        Your client must be able to attend on 9/18.
·        Please ensure that your client is appropriately dressed in business attire.
·        Clients must be on time.

You may resubmit any client’s resume who attended one of our previous hiring events.  Space is limited so we may not accept all of the referred resumes.    Please submit all resumes to me via email ASAP, but no later than Tuesday, August 7, 2012. (I apologize for the short turnaround, but I will be on leave 8/11-9/5 and will need to figure out how many interviewing panels we need, etc.)  Include your phone number with your email because I will need to speak with you about our expectations.  Feel free to share this with your co-workers at DOR, VA or other ENs.  

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Thank you,

Joy Tsuhako
Social Security Administration
22600 Crenshaw Blvd.
Torrance, CA   90505
877-319-6862 x18616

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