Friday, March 7, 2008

Some Good News and Some Bad News...

I had a couple of good visits today. One was at 2500 Foothill with the Employment Development folks and the other (where I'm composing this) is at the El Camino Adult FSP.

The Good News:

There is a consumer here who, with no communication from Social Security, discovered on the 4th that Social Security had deposited over $7,000 in his bank account. He'd been approved for SSDI but was never told so. This sort of thing isn't common but somethings do slip through the cracks.

The Bad News:

This consumer is relying on no-share-of-cost Medi-Cal to help him clear up some medical bills but his monthly payment is above the amount that qualifies him for the no-share-of-cost category. Also, he will have to spend the $7,000 down to below $2,000 to qualify for any Medi-Cal coverage.

The amount of money we're talking about here isn't much so he may be able to find a supplemental dental or health insurance policy that will reduce his countable income to below the $1,081 income limit. He might also be able to earn a small amount of money -- $20 a week, for instance -- and that would qualify him for the Medi-Cal Working Disabled Program. That is a no-share-of-cost Medi-Cal program as well.

Otherwise, this client will be obligated to pay almost half of his SSDI payment to his health care providers before Medi-Cal will kick in and cover the rest of his needs for the rest of the month. I know, sounds crazy but that's what happens. Check back to see how it all rolls out.

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