Monday, April 28, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Haven't been here for a while. Very busy on the road putting out fires here and stating the bleeding obvious there. I will post a couple of big items a little later but for right now let me simply state:


I can't tell you how many times people will be in an absolute and justifiable panic because of something they've received in the mail or -- worse yet -- told by an SSA claims rep or Medi-Cal eligiblity worker. They call me, we make an appointment and they show up with nothing. We cannot speculate as to the contents of the letter nor to what was said to the client. There are too many possible variables involved. So, there's no point to continue the meeting and it is a big waste of time all around.

It's like walking into an auto mechanic's shop and saying that the car is making a funny noise somewhere under the hood...

Where's the car?

I didn't drive it here...

What's the mechanic supposed to do? The car has got to be brought -- driven or towed -- to the shop so the noise can be investigated and the problem resolved. That's the only way.

Oh, and one other thing. Read the paperwork! The answers to most questions are there although sometimes it takes a little digging.

More to come.


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