Monday, January 26, 2009

The Curious Case of the California State Budget

Obviously, no one has a crystal ball but I think it is a pretty sure bet that the aged and disabled in the State of California are going to be sacrificing something once the budget battle is over.
According to State Controller John Chiang's website, the State Supplement component to February's SSI payments will be suspended. That suspension will continue until a budget it passed.
I've heard from several different sources, however, that February's full SSI payment will be made but March's may be withheld if the budget is not ratified by March 1.
Those sources, it must be noted, are not official and the Controller's website continues to read February 1.
There is an article in today's LA times,0,4603532.story that states, too, that it is likely the Cost of Living Increases that have been applied to California's SSI payment will be rescinded, bringing the standard payment to an individual SSI recipient living alone with cooking facilities back to the 2008 level of $870.00 per month.
None of this has been enacted as yet but check out the article. It is full of good information re: the potential for the poorest among us to assume a wholly disproportionate burden of the inability of our State Government to do its job and pass a budget.
I wonder what would happen if just corporate holdings in the state were taxed an additional .5% ending this impasse?
Just putting it out there.

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