Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Upcoming Trip to Colorado!

Is it simply serendipity? A friend of mine -- Marc, in Los Angeles -- was chatting with a friend of his -- Rod, in Denver -- and happened to mention what I do for a living. Rod was intrigued and with only a couple of phone conversations and a few e-mails, we've arranged that I go to Denver on Feb. 5 to conduct both consumer and provider seminars regarding Social Security's Work Incentives or How to Work Above the Table, Improve Your Monthly Income, Protect Your Medicaid and/or Medicare with no fear of "losing" anything.
I used to live in Colorado in the mid-70s (yes, I arrived there as a newly fertiziled zygote) and am very anxious to return. I realize it can be rather chilly in February but even that sounds intriguing (in spite of the fact that as I type this it is 85 degrees outside here in Pasadena, CA).
At any rate, it should be great fun and I love meeting new folks, particularly if I can help sort out some of the confusion surrounding Social Security and Medicaid Disability benefits.

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