Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Also from an e-mail...

Hi –
I am passing this on from Kareem Dale, Special Assistant on Disability Policy to President Obama. This came into HDA earlier this week:

Please pass the word via list serves and your organization websites, etc. that I am looking for any person with a disability who has gone back to work or been rehired as a result of the economic recovery plan. For example, some company starts hiring again as a result of money they are going to receive or something like that. The sooner, the better, if anyone exists.

I simply don't have good access to all my contact lists so I need you all to expand my reach into the various communities.

This is important and time sensitive. Might as well get used to hearing that over the next 4 years, but the community needs to be organized and ready to respond to things like this to help me facilitate full inclusion.
If you run across a good story, or would like to share any other state successes with Kareem Dale, I’d be happy to connect you. I apologize if you’ve already received this request.


Barbara Otto
Health & Disability Advocates
205 W. Monroe, 3rd FL
Chicago, IL 60606
ph. 312-223-9600

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