Thursday, February 19, 2009

California Budget Finally Passed -- An Overview... Details Later Today

SACRAMENTO, CALIF (CDCAN) [Updated 02/19/09 06:34 AM (Pacific Time) ] - As reported previously earlier this morning at 4:50 AM, the State Senate approved the main budget bill for 2009-2010 and also action on all budget related bills including the controversial bill to temporarily increase taxes and to make significant mid-year budget cuts and a constitutional amendment, for voter approval, to impose a spending cap.

The Assembly previously during the weekend passed the main budget bill and the bill to make mid-year cuts. This morning the Assembly, at 6:34 AM, approved the bill to temporarily raise taxes (ABx3 3).

The action by the Legislature ends one crisis - but another begins to implement the painful budget cuts and tax increases.

Maldonaldo was joined by two fellow Senate Republicans, Sen. Dave Cogdill (Republican - Fresno), the former Republican leader who was ousted on Tuesday as leader, and Sen. Roy Asburn (Republican - Bakersfield).
The State Senate, just after 6:30 AM, ended a 45 hour long Senate session, after completing action on all the budget related bills and adjourned. THe Senate will reconvene next week.
The Assembly is still in session as of 6:34 AM finishing up work on budget related bills and is expected to adjourn within the next half hour.

The budget agreement including the main budget bill for 2009-2010 and other budget related measures to resolve the worst State budget crisis in California history, passed the State Senate after an all night session, by a vote of 27 to 12. Sen. Abel Maldonaldo (Republican - Santa Maria) provided the crucial and deciding 27th vote to pass the budget.

SBx3 1 is the main budget bill for 2009-2010 and was approved. The three main budget related bills passed are (not including budget related bills dealing with human services, health, education):

SBx3 1 - MAIN BUDGET BILL 2009-2010
STATUS 02/15/09: Passed Assembly 59 to 16.
STATUS 02/19/09: Passed Senate 27 to 12
NEXT STEPS: Heads to Governor for approval.

SBx3 2 - MIDYEAR BUDGET CUTS (to 2008-2009 BUDGET)
STATUS 02/14/09: Passed Assembly 64 to 14.
STATUS 02/19/09: Passed Senate 31 to 8
NEXT STEPS: Heads to Governor for approval
CDCAN COMMENT: This bill - and the revenue increase bill (ABx3 3), are critical to the main budget bill for the 2009-2010 State budget year and to close the over $41 billion projected shortfall by the end of the 2009-2010 State budget year.

STATUS 02/19/09: Passed Senate 27 to 12. Passed Assembly 54 to 26.
NEXT STEPS: Heads to Governor for approval.
CDCAN COMMENT: tied to spending cap proposal - temporary increase in various taxes, The temporary taxes in this bill is about $2 billion less than the original tax increase bill that was put for a vote during the weekend.

CDCAN will issue a detailed report later today outlining the specifics of the budget agreement impacting people with disabilities, mental health needs, seniors, low income families, community organizations and workers who provide supports and services.

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