Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ooops... My Bad!

I received this e-mail from Rod Rushing on behalf of a colleauge that had been to one of my presentations in Denver last week.
She found a typo. Ooops. My bad.

Hello. My name is ______ _____, and I was at the training last Friday. I really enjoyed your presentation! I just have some remaining questions about the SSDI work incentives. I know we didn't get to spend a lot of time on that since we were rushed at the end, but if you could shed a little light for me, I'd appreciate it!

I am confused about what happens after the EPE... It was my understanding that after the EPE, benefits would continue so long as the individual did not begin to earn or continue to earn over the SGA amount ($980). From the tables included in the Power Point, it looks as though your sample case's benefits ceased after the 36mos EPE even though they earned less than the SGA amount after the EPE ended. Can you help me understand why that would be the case? I just had a patient call to ask me about this and I want to be sure I don't give him incorrect information.

Thanks so much!

_______ _______, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker

My response:

Kelly, you’re absolutely right… there is a bit of a typo on the chart. If an individual continues to earn under SGA ($980) even though the 36 month EPE has been satisified, he/she will continue to receive cash benefits until the first month his/her income exceeds SGA. Then the Cash Benefit will stop.

Hope this helps.

Michael J. Van Essen
Benefits Establishment Specialist
Pacific Clinics

Thanks, Kelly. The Powerpoint has been fixed!

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