Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More California Fun!

This is from a CDCAN ( http://www.cdcan.us/ ) e-mail I recieved today:

California Budget Crisis
Governor Warns: Lay-Offs of 20,000 State Workers Coming If No Budget Deal By End of Week – Includes Health and Human Services Departments

SACRAMENTO (CDCAN) [Updated 02/10/09 10:08 AM] - Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger warned today that his administration will begin taking steps for the lay-off of 20,000 state workers if no budget deal is reached by the end of the week.

Matt David, spokesperson for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that layoff notices, impacting health and human services, corrections and other agencies, will go to those with the least seniority.

The action by the Governor is part of his earlier order to reduce State government payroll by 10%.

No Budget Deal Yet – Possible Vote This Week
As reported earlier today, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the four Democratic and Republican legislative leaders continue private meetings today to reach a budget deal,

As of Tuesday late morning, there has been no announcement yet of a budget deal, and no details on what will likely emerge as the budget agreement that is certain to contain mid-year cuts to the current year budget – and more cuts and possible new revenues for the 2009-2010 State budget year.

As previously reported floor votes in both the Assembly and State Senate on a budget agreement could happen Wednesday or Thursday – or later this week.

While floor sessions are scheduled for today (February 10), no action on the budget crisis is expected.

California faces a growing projected budget shortfall of over $41 billion by the end of the 2009-2010 State budget year that ends June 30, 2010.


Jim W said...

Yikes! Why aren't Californians in an uproar over this?

Lindy said...

This is shameful! I called several legislators yesterday on behalf of Pacific Clinics to voice our outrageous.
Cutting mh will only place more people without treatment on our streets, in jails and psych beds costing the State a whole lot more than treatment.

Get mad! Write a letter your editor, call Gov. Schwarzenegger and your local reps. Remember, the "squeaky wheel gets the grease".

Thanks, Lindy

Michael J. Van Essen said...

That is a good question, Jim... I would like to see 250,000 surrounding the State Capitol demanding to be heard and considered. Who knows, it may eventually come to that.