Friday, July 24, 2009

Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement: Could help a whole lotta folks...

I just found out something very valuable from Social Security today. SSA has an agreement with The State of California that any time an individual’s state funded income (AFDC, GR, TANF, etc.) is being discontinued, that discontinuation will be suspended if there is a pending SSI decision in the works.

A client came in and said her ADFC was being discontinued because her son will soon be turning 18. She is, in my opinion (and opinions don’t count, right?) a good candidate for SSI. During the appointment phone call, the SSA rep on the other end of the line said she also would be a good candidate for IARA status.

He said that if there is an SSI app pending, the state cannot discontinue her income. The expenses accrued during this period will be deducted from the first SSI check, should she be awarded the benefit.

Here’s the link to further explanation on the Social Security Website:

And here’s a link to the form:

Let me know if you have any questions.


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