Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Quick Medi-Cal Working Disabled Eligiblity Review

Teddie Joy Remhild and I have been doing presentations on the Medi-Cal Working Disabled Program throughout California this year. We've been as far north as Eureka and as far south as San Diego with multiple points in between. And we've met a lot of great people along the way as we promote this great program that allows disabled people to work, earn up to approximately $55,000 per year and still keep full scope no share of cost Medi-Cal.
It's a great program but too few know that it exists and how to get access to it.
Here's the eligiblity criteria as listed on

You may be eligible for 250% California Working Disabled (250% CWD) Medi-Cal if you meet all the following criteria:
- You meet Medi-Cal’s definition of disability. Your earnings due to work are not considered when determining whether a disability exists or persists.
- Your total countable income can not exceed 250% of the Federal Poverty Level (see FAQ 3);
- You meet assets requirements for Medi-Cal. This Medi-Cal program exempts all Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved retirement accounts, such as employer sponsored 401k, 403b accounts, or individual retirement accounts (IRAs) authorized in the IRS codes; and
- Your countable unearned income is less than the appropriate SSI/SSP benefit rate. Again, disability income doesn't count.
- You are working.

For more information go to and check it out. You can also go to and They are great informaiton resources as well.

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